Commanding technology to improve the working lives of our clients. Welcome to InfoStructures, Inc.
We provide technology solutions - services, products and consulting to the following types of clients:

Federal, state and local governments

Our government clients face challenges unique to the public sector. InfoStructures' enterprise solutions, consulting and outsourcing/staff augmentation support address these specific needs.

Commercial concerns

We offer project-based services and solutions as well as ongoing support through our Computer LifeLine® program to businesses of 25 or more employees in the following industry sectors:
  • Financial/banking... providing enterprise support and technical services/solutions to branch-based banking and trust clients as well as corporate finance environments
  • Health care... dealing with multi-site facilities in both patient-facing and administrative areas, with special focus on HIPAA/HITECH compliance, business workflow, and data availability
  • Corporate environments... managing both daily and project-based needs of enterprise organizations; supporting Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Other... construction, non-profit, retail, multimedia and more