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What Happens to Your Cloud Data if the Government Wants It?

In the summer of 2011, Microsoft warned consumers that the U.S. Patriot Act could compel the company to hand over customer data to the United States authorities, without their permission. This data would extend not only to customer contact information, but also to any files stored in Microsoft Cloud Services. Additionally, this data transfer would […]

4 Tips for Backing Up Your Data in the Cloud

Every IT manager knows that backing up data is essential to protecting a company’s most valuable commodity. Backing up your data off-site is easier than ever, but you need to examine your needs in depth before choosing this important service. As you examine your options, consider these four ways to backup your data in the […]

How to Prepare for a Software License Audit

It’s an interesting time for software audit licensing, and companies are, all too often, finding themselves in the storm of an audit. Perhaps it is due to the fact that licensing use rights are being applied to increasingly complex IT environments that have changed beyond the terms of their former software agreements. Or, maybe it […]

PCs vs. DaaS: A Total Cost Analysis

Several years ago, IT managers and companies realized that they could drastically slash their IT budget by virtualizing much of their server architecture and infrastructure. The benefits were clearly and quickly apparent. After all, running servers in-house is expensive: from the physical costs of having a climate-controlled server room to the price of energy consumed […]

Top 6 iPhone 5 Complaints

The iPhone 5 hit the shelves earlier this fall, and the complaints hit social media soon thereafter. From aesthetics to navigation, users voiced their gripes with Apple’s latest iteration of its hyper-popular smartphone. As time went on, the list of iPhone 5 gripes grew as long as the lines of consumers waiting outside an Apple […]

How to Create an IT Outsourcing Contract

As outsourcing becomes the norm, many companies are working to incorporate the outsourcing process into their regular operations. Part of this process includes contracting employees and adhering to those contracts. IT consulting and outsourcing companies usually work under a contract for a specific length of time, or until a project is completed. This contract is […]