iPhone 5

Top 6 iPhone 5 Complaints

The iPhone 5 hit the shelves earlier this fall, and the complaints hit social media soon thereafter. From aesthetics to navigation, users voiced their gripes with Apple’s latest iteration of its hyper-popular smartphone.

As time went on, the list of iPhone 5 gripes grew as long as the lines of consumers waiting outside an Apple store on release day. Here are the top 6 complaints about Apple’s iPhone 5.

1. Screen problems

Users have reported problems with their iPhone 5 screen, including a weird flickering that won’t go away. Others are saying that their screen appears to have an air bubble, as you can see in this video.

2. Light Leakage

Another widely reported issue with the iPhone 5 is light leakage from various points on the device. Some users see light through the gaps around the device’s antenna and power button. While the leak is only visible in low light, it’s still a problem for such a pricey device.

3. Scratches easily

Apple is known for creating products that are functional and beautiful. So, concerns about durability are especially surprising. However, many users have reported that their new iPhone 5 came out of the box with scuff marks. This iFixIt video shows how much more easily the iPhone 5 gets scratched compared to the iPhone 4.

4. Device is "too light"

This complaint is a bit odd, but it is a common gripe among users. One of the selling points for the new phone – according to Apple – is that it’s the lightest smartphone ever. But one of the points of frustration – according to consumers – is that it’s too light. Apparently heft = well-made in the eyes of iPhone users. Perhaps they fear the device is cheap and toy-like, even though Apple hoped its lighter weight would be a benefit.

5. Lightning Connector

Sometimes even technophiles don’t like change. Longtime Apple users have complained about the smaller connector port, called Lightning, on the iPhone 5 and new iPods. Now, users need new power cords, and the new devices won’t connect with older speakers and other accessories. Customers can buy Apple’s new $29 and $39 legacy docking solutions, which add a 7.8-inch wire – but many are irked that they have to purchase these extras at all.

6. Maps

One of the biggest complaints with the iPhone 5 is with its Maps app. The problems center around 3D and satellite images that look off (with bridges looking wavy, for example), navigation directions sending people to the wrong location, and outdated information on local businesses. Unlike Google Maps, Apple’s Maps app lacks transit directions, too.

Have you experienced any problems with the iPhone 5? What are your top six complaints (or praises) about your new smartphone?