Why InfoStructures RemoteWrench Hosting?

Monitored & Maintained

  • State-of-the-art technology monitors every aspect of your hosted solution, managed by 24×7 staff
  • Management and maintenance through RemoteWrench Managed Services program


  • SAS70/AICPA-SOC datacenter in Ashburn, VA
  • Multiple physical and logical access controls
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems and Anitvirus/Malware protection for all hosted resources
  • All client resources “walled off” from others


  • Fully redundant at every level (network paths, network infrastructure, computing and storage platforms)
  • Tier 3 datacenter – 99.9% guaranteed uptime

Flexible / Scalable

  • Virtual technology allows quicker server deployment / redeployment
  • Add / remove storage, computing, or bandwidth resources with the push of a button


  • Virtual technology by VMware and backup technology by Symantec allow for quicker recovery – granular or full system

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